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Gene Huebner Art Collections

Shop for artwork from Gene Huebner based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Artwork by Gene Huebner

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Gene Huebner

SOLD: Autumn 2013 (5/2022)

NEW: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (5/2022)

NEW: Yellow - Blue Fall (5/2022)

SOLD: Missouri Woods (4/2022)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinals Courtship - 2 (4/2022)

SOLD: A Bavarian Castle (3/2022)

NEW PAINTING: Red Sky At Night.... (2/2022)

NEW PAINTING Yellow Sunrise (2/2022)

SOLD: Fall Harvest (2/2022)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinal Courtship (1/2022)

NEW PAINTING: A Cardinal Family & The Family Pet (1/2022)

SOLD: 4 Missouri Birch Trees (1/2022)

REVISED PAINTING: A Bavarian Castle (1/2022)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinal Feeding Time - No. 2 (1/2022)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinals Wedding - No. 2 (1/2022)

NEW PAINTING: Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal - No. 3 (1/2022)

NEW PAINTING: 4 Missouri Birch Trees (12/2021)

SOLD: Yellow No. 1 (12/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Odd Bird Out (12/2021)

SOLD: Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal - No. 2, Cardinals Wedding, Cardinals Feeding Time (12/2021)

NEW PAINTING: A Cardinal Harem? (12/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinals Feeding Time (12/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinals Wedding (12/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Cardinal Baseball (12/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal - No. 2 (11/2021)

SOLD: End Of The Trail - 41' Chevy (11/2021)

SOLD: 3 Hawks and A Old Bard (10/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Sunset At Lighthouse Point (10/2021)

SOLD: Backyard Sunrise - UPS (9/2021)

NEW PAINTING: ....So God Named It Fall (9/2021)

NEW PAINTING: 3 Missouri Birch Trees (9/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Missouri Birch Tree (9/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Missouri Woods (9/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Golden Fall Birch Tree - 2 (8/2021)

NEW PAINTING: 2 Fall Birch Trees (8/2021)

NEW PAINTING: 2020 Olympics in 2021 (8/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Red No. 2 (8/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Fall Dove (8/2021)

NEW PAINTING : 3 Fall Birch Trees (7/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Orange - No. 1 (7/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Yellow - No.1 (7/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Red No. - 1 (6/2021)

SOLD: Sparrow On A Tree Stump (6/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Sparrow On A Tree Stump (6/2021)

SOLD: Lonesome Cardinal (6/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Old - Like Me - 2 (2/2021)

NEW PAINTING: The Past (2/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Golden Fall Tree (2/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Lonesome Cardinal (1/2021)

NEW DRAWING: The Lord's Prayer (1/2021)

NEW PAINTING: Queen Of The Celestial (1/2021)

SOLD: U.S. 1, Big Sur, Ca., Jack Kerouac Slept Here (11/2020

SOLD: Fall Tree - No. 2 (11/2020)

NEW DRAWING: The Lord's Prayer (9/2020)

NEW DRAWING: Sparrow On A Tree Stump (8/2020)

NEW PAINTING: The One For The Landscape Show (8,2020)

NEW PAINTING: Reflections (4/2020)

NEW PAINTING: End Of The Trail - '41 Chevy (4/2020)

NEW PAINTING: Untitled - No. 2 (2/2020)

NEW PAINTING: Last Chance Garage (12/'19)

NEW PAINTING: Abandoned And Forgotten (12/'19)

NEW PAINTING: Sunset Farm (11/'19)

SOLD: Spirals (11/'19)

SOLD: Winter Tree (11/'19)

SOLD: Fall Tree (11/'19)

SOLD: Ghost Train (11/'19)

DONATED: Fear Not The Light (11/'19)

SOLD: Mizzou Campus, Columbia, Mo. (8/'19)

SOLD: Catching A Moonbeam (7/'19)

SOLD: Rust In Peace (7/'19)

SOLD: At a Holiday Arts and Craft Show Nov./Dec. 2014 = Mother Nature, Dance Of The Fairies, Rock-A Bye Baby In The Tree Top, Road Shadows and Skyscape No. 2 - UPS.

NEW PAINTING: Autumn Drama (11/19/'14)

NEW PAINTING: Road Shadows (11/6/'14)

NEW PAINTING: Shadow Road (10/24/'14)

NEW PAINTING: Life Starts At Days End (9/16/'14)

NEW PAINTING: Would You Invite Him In? (7/21/'14)

NEW PAINTING: Rock-A-Bye Baby In The Tree Top

NEW PAINTINGS: Vase With Flowers, Red Leaves, Autumn Path, Autumn Hills and Red Tree, Ozark Sunset

NEW PAINTING: The Storm Has Passed For Some But Time Has Passed For Others

NEW PAINTING = Spring Moonbeam

Almost all unsold paintings are now available in larger print sizes, with some up to approximately 30" x 40". The remainder will be available in the next few days.

NEW PAINTING = Nude With Butterflies

I was recently asked to speak at a local National Art Honor Society induction ceremony on what it means to me to be an artist.

I have just been informed that two pieces I entered in a local show have both won prizes. "Dance Ballerina Dance" won first place in the mixed media category and "Mother Nature" won best of show.

My formal art education is rather limited to a mail correspondence course, a night course or two and now by workshops along with learning from TV shows, studying art books and doing internet searches even though my "natural" interest and involvement goes back farther then I can remember. But one thing is for sure. If I were to be asked why do I do art, I would have to say it's because I can't not do art.

Since the 80's when I started to enter Art & Craft shows, I tried to devote more time to my art, but of course along with the demands of a full time job, until I retired 10 years ago I could now devote almost all my time to my art. I have drawn and painted in every medium there is and have just now began sculpting. It's a bit of "jack of all trades, master of none", but I can now respond to any creative urge and develop it from an idea into a completed form just by following my feelings.

To just recreate what I see is not enough and isn't much different then taking a photograph of something. It should go beyond what the environment naturally provides by adding and subtracting what's necessary to archive the end result and it must say something.

I look for something that attracts me like the color of the sky or shapes of the clouds, the direction of natural or contrived light and the corresponding cast shadows or the interesting shapes in nature and man made objects and embellish these unusual features.

By accentuating these things that viewers may miss, I give the viewer something to think about, not just something to see. It's the job of the artists to bring to the viewer the best that can be found in nature along with some creativity or exaggeration, not just the normal and ordinary and above all, to follow my innate intuition.

Lately, I'm attempting to avoid planning the next painting, but trying to feel an emotion that will become a painting. If I don't paint for a length of time or paint one painting after another, it really doesn't concern me, but it's important that there is an emotional connection to the painting. I'm not sure where these artistic endeavors will take me, but one thing is for sure, though, is that I will not stop doing what I love. anytime soon.

It's just something inside me and I couldn't stop if I wanted to.